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Meet Jame

 Jame Geathers is a mother, entrepreneur, author and speaker. As a human resource professional, over the last 14 years Jame has spent her career building the partnerships between employers and employees. Additionally, Jame is passionate about empowering and inspiring individuals to realize their full potential through encouragement and coaching.  When she is not working, Jame splits her time between her involvement with Junior League, volunteering, reading, and spending time with her daughter and fur babies.  

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Taking Off The Mask Of Bipolar

“Each day that I woke up, I would wish otherwise. I spent at least a third of my waking hours thinking about ways to die and about the peace I would have once I was dead.”

Jame Geathers shares her personal story in the hope of inspiring others to share theirs. She was a featured speaker on this topic at Tedx Augusta.


I am just like you. I have dreams, goals, and responsibilities. I am a mother, small business owner, and community Volunteer. I have friends and family that care for me and that I love. I enjoy sports and politics. I am an avid reader and love music. Again, I am just like you, with the exception that I also live with Ultra-Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder II."

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